Freewater is committed to building lasting relationships by delivering on our promise of Trust, Quality and Value. Learn about the character of our company below.

Trust :

The battle scars that come from difficult deliveries are the same badges of honor that are proudly worn for every client we have ever served. With a “no customer left behind” attitude and a promise of “always making it right” we constantly work to build your trust.


Freewater Solutions is built upon the backbone of proven IT consulting executives, and has only the most outstanding talent to work for you. Additionally, our offshore development, test and PM expertise was among the first 100 global companies to achieve CMMi (“level 5”) certification, the highest level of the Capability Maturity Model. The quality of work, attention to process and procedure, knowledge of support practices and constant improvement ethos will shine through for you every day.


Doing more with less is something we hear every day, and that takes creativity along with a dedication to effective and efficient business practices. You will achieve real value from Freewater’s proven results and high quality work product.


What’s “good enough”? We think that means perfection, 100% uptime, and absolute customer satisfaction. No exceptions. You will see our dedication to excellence with every interaction.


We want to be your trusted partner and we expect to build long‐term relationships. You’ll find us to be available for every call, any time, always.


We show our commitment by turning your objectives into our objectives. We’ll learn your mission and values, and we’ll adopt them as our own for your projects. When you need us, we’ll be there and we’ll make it right.


Jeffrey Bilbrey , Founder and Principal

Jeffrey Bilbrey

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